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Join your host, 30-year Events Industry Veteran, Terri Walters as she talks with a diverse crew who live, eat and breathe Live Events.

Terri is Founder and CEO of Moonfish Production, a media and live event production company.  A Technical Producer, Events Consultant and Show Caller, she considers herself just techie enough to be dangerous.

Jul 23, 2020

Working on Broadway is a dream for a lot of folks. In this episode, I speak with Production Manager, Liza Luxenberg about Broadway’s close-knit family, and how that family is dealing with the effects of social distancing and COVID-19, and how might it re-start once we are able to. We also discuss the differences between Broadway and Tours, the role of the Production Manager, and how she, and the people at Aurora Productions, bring Broadway to life.



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Episode 16 By the Numbers:


00:00 | Terri Walters

Meet Liza Luxenberg: Theatrical Production Manager, SVP, Aurora Productions. And how she got her start.


06:30 | Liza Luxenberg

How Aurora Productions brings Broadway to Life.


10:49 | Terri Walters / Liza Luxenberg

What shows have you recently managed? Pulling from experience to make the magic.


12:37 | Liza Luxenberg

Producing tours vs. producing Broadway: Challenges, Conditions, Carpenters, Crews. The weirdest encounters on tour. Setting the stage in different venues.


19:08 | Terri Walters / Liza Luxenberg

A peek inside the amazing Broadway Family. The impact from COVID-19. How it differs from the 911 shut-down. How and when does Broadway reopen? How will things be different?


28:06 | Liza Luxenberg

What people in the theatre are doing to keep busy and cope during this time.


30:14 | Terri Walters / Liza Luxenberg

How will Broadway restart if actors and crew are scattered or displaced from NYC?


31:07 | Terri Walters / Liza Luxenberg

Live vs. virtual Broadway.


36:00 | Liza Luxenberg

My fondest show, and why.


37:19 | Terri Walters / Liza Luxenberg

Women working on Broadway – still an uphill climb.


39:45 | Liza Luxenberg

Teaching the Production Management Business: Lecturing, Course Work, Recruiting, Mentoring, Interning.