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Join your host, 30-year Events Industry Veteran, Terri Walters as she talks with a diverse crew who live, eat and breathe Live Events.

Terri is Founder and CEO of Moonfish Production, a media and live event production company.  A Technical Producer, Events Consultant and Show Caller, she considers herself just techie enough to be dangerous.

Apr 30, 2020

Kyle is a (maybe not so?) rare combination of IT systems and web guru, prolific content creator, and gritty outdoor sports enthusiast. Put those things together, and you come up with a world of events where virtually, nothing is impossible.


Kyle Bondo:

Twitter: @MerchantsOfDirt



Co-Founder – Gagglepod




Co-Host and Co-Creator – Podwrecked Podcast



Host and Creator – Not Easily Squished Podcast



Host and Creator – Merchants of Dirt Podcast



Founder and Creator – Reckoneer



Terri Walters:

Twitter: @TerriLWalters



Moonfish Production:


Facebook: @MoonfishCreative


Event Yak:


Facebook: @TheEventYak



Episode 5 By the Numbers:

00:00 | Terri Walters

Meet Renaissance Man, Kyle Bondo: Former, U.S. Naval Military Intelligence Technician; Web Developer; Electrical Mechanical Engineer; Co-Founder: Gagglepod, Founder: Reckoneer, Podcaster: Merchants of Dirt.

07:28 | Terri Walters

What’s a Gagglepod?

08:04 | Kyle Bondo

Gagglepod … Teaching The Art of Podcasting. A.K.A. How to Build Your Tribe.

13:18 | Terri Walters

Break down for us your vast Podcast realm and your recent restarts in response to COVID-19.

14:56 | Kyle Bondo

Kyle talks about his evolution from Blogging to Podcasting, about the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and HOW to create Endurance Sports Events. Welcome! Reckoneer and Merchants of Dirt Podcast.

19:30 | Kyle Bondo

From the Navy to Mountain Bike Racing to Racing Clubs and the birth of Reckoneer and Merchants of Dirt Podcast. From Race Director, Participant and Coach to Virtual Racing – Kyle walks us through his competitive team evolution and the birth of Virtual Racing.

25:15 | Kyle Bondo


26:30 | Terri Walters

So, what’s the future of LIVE RACING EVENTS? How do Racers Race without Racing?

26:49 | Kyle Bondo

Enter A.C.E - Asynchronous Competition Events! How we save the industry by going virtual.

36:14 | Terri Walters

Is there any formal education available out there for the LIVE RACING Industry? What are the struggles and opportunities? How does A.C.E. potentially evolve into a new forms of competitive outside activity or exercise?

45:35 | Kyle Bondo  

Kyle dives into new technology that’s changing the RACING landscape.

50:49 | Terri Walters

What’s the future for A.C.E. models? Virtual Tradeshows and Conferences? Events within Events?