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Join your host, 30-year Events Industry Veteran, Terri Walters as she talks with a diverse crew who live, eat and breathe Live Events.

Terri is Founder and CEO of Moonfish Production, a media and live event production company.  A Technical Producer, Events Consultant and Show Caller, she considers herself just techie enough to be dangerous.

Sep 11, 2020

Hyatt Alum, Sarah Thompson takes time to talk with us in this episode about what guests should expect upon check-in, new positions evolving within the Hotel industry, creative new approaches to filling venues, the value CMP designation, and how working at Hyatt is a lot like having an extended family.


Sarah Thompson, CMP


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Terri Walters

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Episode 21 By the Numbers: 

00:00 | Terri Walters

Meet Sarah Thompson, Certified Meeting Professional (CMP): An Alum of Hyatt.


03:29 | Sarah Thompson

Hooked on Hyatt – starting from the ground up!


05:45 | Terri Walters / Sarah Thompson

Internships – the power of learning the nuts & bolts of an company and industry.


09:24| Sarah Thompson

The challenging road to obtaining a CMP designation.


13:22 | Sarah Thompson

Why I built my career at Hyatt.


15:40 | Terri Walters / Sarah Thompson

Hyatt in the time of COVID … how will they survive? What can guests expect today?


20:25 | Terri Walters

How can we do events again? Or will we?


22:35 | Terri Walters / Sarah Thompson

COVID-Secure-Weddings? Vertical Concerts? Outside Comedy Shows? Creating new ways to gather in hotels.


32:00 | Terri Walters / Sarah Thompson

Big city unrest around Hyatt city properties: Challenges and opportunities for hoteliers.


34:13 | Terri Walters / Sarah Thompson

On the future of hospitality.