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Join your host, 30-year Events Industry Veteran, Terri Walters as she talks with a diverse crew who live, eat and breathe Live Events.

Terri is Founder and CEO of Moonfish Production, a media and live event production company.  A Technical Producer, Events Consultant and Show Caller, she considers herself just techie enough to be dangerous.

Jun 18, 2020

A first-ever, on Episode 11, Michelle Newbon debuts her playful, industry-related poetry! Michelle and I talk about the inspiration of her poetry, and about the state of the events industry in general. We also yak about the value of having a Content Manager on your next show, the importance of processes and managing content, the key attribute successful Content Managers must posses, Yea or Nay on Google Docs, and, oh yeah, did I mention some groovy poetry!


Michelle Newbon





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Episode 11 By the Numbers:

00:00 | Terri Walters

Meet, Michelle Newbon: Events Industry Content Manager, Poet.


03:11 | Michelle Newbon

Musings from an unemployed Lives Events Producer. “Production Blues” by Michelle Newbon.


04:55 | Michelle Newbon

Event Poetry? Here’s what I know.


08:58 | Michelle Newbon

On what individuals in the Events Industry are doing to adapt to this unprecedented disruption in the Events Industry. Will it ever be the same?


14:33 | Terri Walters / Michelle Newbon

Talking content! “Content Ditty” by Michelle Newbon.


17:04 | Michelle Newbon

The mechanics and evolution of Event Content Management.


24:18 | Michelle Newbon

Google Docs? The pros and cons of events tools & technology – establishing how the team works best.


29:18 | Michelle Newbon

The key to being a great Events Content Manager… and my best single piece of advice!

37:09 | Michelle Newbon

Loving the Industry. “Flying High” by Michelle Newbon.


39:01 | Terri Walters / Michelle Newbon

Where is the Events Industry going from here?


45:59 | Michelle Newbon

“Looking Ahead” by Michelle Newbon.



All poetry, printed with permission, by, Michelle Newbon

From: Musings from an unemployed live events producer...


Production Blues

Screeching to a halt

with the sound of big thunder.

We’re all wondering…

how do we not go under?


At first, they were saying

maybe by summer?

Consensus now is 18 months,

Dang, what a bummer.


This whole thing

is seriously $%^#’d.

6 feet apart onsite

Yeah right … and good luck.


I go on Linked In

‘cause I know that I should,

perusing it all,

until I don’t feel good.


There are all these things

that I’m supposed to do…

programs as acronyms

to brighten the view.


The PPP and the EIDL.

the SBA and oh what the hell!

I applied and submitted and am standing by,

but have no idea if I should rejoice or just cry.


I make a checklist

at the start of each day

to make me think

that I’m well under way…


But then I’m all done

and it’s eight-thirty-two,

no emails to answer,

and nothing to do.


There are webinars and zoom calls

with industry experts!

I can learn all day long

But why does my brain hurt?


I’ll try not to think about it.

until this thing passes.

I’ll work on my hobbies,

but I feel like molasses.


Just get ahold of yourself,

it’s a brand-new day!

Drink your half capp,

It’ll all be ok!


But why do I feel

that I’m so under gunned?

Cuz it’s a global pandemic

and this ‘aint no fun.


It’s been my way

to end on a good note

but all I can say

is that’s all she wrote!



Content Ditty

The world of live events

is its own kind of beast.

A ubiquitous allure,

Sucks you in to say the least.


Now add in the Content

and consequences rise.

You think you got this thing?

Success or just demise.


No one wants to do it

way too many details.

At first it seems so easy,

and then it’s off the rails.


With themes and creative,

Writers and graphics

Strategizing nightly,

Its mental gymnastics.


Too many files

with all the wrong names

Drowning in word docs

They all look the same.


What do we name it?

And where does it go?

Email it or post it?

No one seems to know.


Put it on Drop Box

Someone made some folders

Stick in the root,

look for one called “older”.


Pre-pro’s gaining steam

as we lay down all the tracks,

gonna’ do this thing Vegas

and we won’t be looking back.


Check in and set-up

and see what’s transpired

is my inbox intact

or is it on fire?


Then there are rehearsals

and all that that entails…

go grab all the files

you don’t want to fail.


“That’s the wrong version!

We wrote it last week!”

The tension’s so strong

You’re all up a creek.


But prompter is on it

and graphics is too.

Its correct after all…

The production team knew.


The talent is late

and catering’s a mess

the PA’s stuck in traffic,

but now I digress…


The CEO is here

with a brand-new script

She says no to full-frame

Only wants to PIP.


“And oh by the way,

…in the DSMs

Current and next please

and some green M & M’s.”


“My slides are in progress

… 4:3 on white

…with a few animations

Just to give it a bite.”

“Oh and one more thing

if I do recall…

there might be 2 demos

or likely none at all.”


And so it goes…

Kindling to flames,

Heads are gonna roll,

And someone’s taking names.


But no matter what

We all do take our cue.

The show it turns out flawless

Thanks to the entire crew.



Flying High

I have no regrets

about wondering if…

I appreciated enough

what’s gone over the cliff.


I always knew

how special it was

to be part of it all…

the production team buzz.


How we’d come together

and put on a show.

We’d build that car

as it drove down the road.


The stress of it all

has always been rife,

but I never imagined

not wanting this life.


The rewards run deep

because of us all…

heeding the siren

and answering the call.


The friendships we’ve made

are like family indeed

The alchemy onsite

forging our creed.


To sit here now

knowing what will not be

is to experience grief

and melancholy.


We all understand

that virtual is the way

But we’ll never forget

what we had in the day.


You can’t get there from here

without being together

We all know that,

we are birds of a feather.



Looking Ahead

Stopped in time

and standing still.

Seeking the view

that’s over the hill.


It’s not written

and we don’t know,

what’s ahead

and how to go.


“The show must go on”

has always been the way.

We won’t go down.

We’ll have our day.


We’ve been working

since this whole thing

to carve a new path

and make it sing.


It’s hard to see

through the clouds right now

But I’ll be damned

If we can’t figure out how.


Suffice to say

We’re a hardy lot.

We don’t give up,

and we give all we’ve got.


It’s a big F-U

to what’s gone down

but we’ll ride that emotion

to bring it around.


And I guarantee

and pinky swear

that the show’ll go on,

that’s a truth … and a dare.