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Join your host, 30-year Events Industry Veteran, Terri Walters as she talks with a diverse crew who live, eat and breathe Live Events.

Terri is Founder and CEO of Moonfish Production, a media and live event production company.  A Technical Producer, Events Consultant and Show Caller, she considers herself just techie enough to be dangerous.

Apr 23, 2020

In this show I yak it up with Seattle-based Austin Beaver. We talk about the challenges of launching a new endeavor during a crisis, and how he thinks the events industry is going to roll out of this COVID thing. We discuss working both corporate and personal events for his clients, his current favorite productivity app, and we dip our toes into East Coast vs. West Coast approaches to production.

Austin Beaver:

Founder – EXP Events

Co-Founder – Benchmark Shop

Owner – Benchmark Production

Company Website:


Austin’s App du jour: Trello:


Terri Walters:

Twitter: @TerriLWalters



Moonfish Production:

Facebook: @MoonfishCreative

Event Yak:

Facebook: @TheEventYak



Episode 4 By the Numbers:

00:00 | Terri Walters

From a West coast perspective, meet Austin Beaver: Benchmark Productions and EXP Events.


03:13 | Austin Beaver

On the evolution of his business model and his strategy for building a successful production company.


09:22 | Terri Walters

How do you “walk the line” when doing both corporate gigs and private estate events for the same executive? How do you transition between those two worlds?


16:00 | Austin Beaver

The creative space of the DJ World. Creating staging moments – setting yourself apart from the pack. How strong teams make the difference.


24:28 | Terri Walters

How do you talk with you clients about how & why to bring your core team on-site? How do you become a vendor-partner?


26:50 | Austin Beaver

On the importance of mentoring. Remembering it’s show-BUSINESS.


29:21 | Austin Beaver

Education clutter. Technology over-think. Live vs. “Zoom Live” delivery, and the boomerang effect on the future of the Live Events Industry.


34:25 | Terri Walters

What do you see as the roll-out plan for the Live Events Industry post COVID-19? Which segments of the industry might come back first? What will that look like? Will there be shake-out?


43:10 | Terri Walters

What’s the one gadget, app or process you can’t do without?


46:04 | Terri Walters

East Coast vs. West Coast personalities, mentalities, environs, and how to get the work done.